M_team- Exceedor China Services Limited


Yu Qi:
Partner of Exceedor China, founder of Exceedor, has been engaged in providing business structure, company establishment and third-party financial and tax outsourcing services for domestic and foreign enterprises for more than 20 years. She came from pioneer consulting company who provided back-end services for atiracting foreign investment in China. She is good at providing third-party company secretary and financial and tax services to foreign investment, sino-foreign merger and acquisition and private equity fund.
Joicy Ma:
Partner of Exceedor China, with the licenses of financial accountants and certified public accountants in the United Kingdom and Australia, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of investment services for domestic and foreign enterprises, and is good at business consulting services, international statement consolidation, financial and tax analysis and investment tax planning.
Cindy Qin:
Head of Exceedor China Shanghai Office, over the past 10 years, she has provided company establishment, certificate management, cross-border structure establishment (including Red Chip structure, VIE structure), enterprise merger and acquisition, payroll management and other services for foreign investment, private equity fund and overseas investment clients, and is good at government relations and project management.
Fiona Fan:
Head of Exceedor China Beijing Office, with a Chinese CPA license and more than 20 year experiences in third party back office service industry, has provided business establishment, financial and tax outsourcing, investment structure, enterprise internal control, due diligence, payroll management and other services for foreign investment and private equity funds.
Leo Li:
Head of Exceedor China Shenzhen Office, with dual professional qualifications of Chinese lawyer and CPA, has been engaged in legal and financial work for nearly 20 years, providing services for foreign customers, private equity funds and overseas investment clients, such as establishment and change, relocation and cancellation, merger and acquisition, tax planning, due diligence, logistics management, risk management and early warning, etc., especially experienced in operation of manufacturing enterprises.